The goal of minimally invasive surgical procedures is to minimize discomfort and recovery time of the patient without compromising their health care. These procedures lead to smaller incisions, less post operative discomfort, shorter hospital stays, faster return to daily activities, less risk of complications and serve as the result of this current fantastic technologic evolution. Dr. Weeks and his entire team believe that when these techniques are paired with patient education, open discussion, compassion, and professionalism, then patient care can be raised to a new gold standard.

Areas of Expertise

Urologic cancer treatments for the prostate, bladder, kidney, testes, ureter and adrenal gland.

Prostate disorders such as enlargement (benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH) and prostatitis. This includes laser vaporization of the prostate in order to provide a new less invasive procedure for this common issue.

Laparoscopy for diagnostic purposes and curative cancer options. This includes procedures involving lymph node sampling, prostate, kidney, partial kidney resection, cryotherapy, pyeloplasty, adrenal glands and varicose veins of the scrotum (varicoceles).

daVinci Robotic Surgery for curative treatment options for prostate, bladder and renal (kidney) cancers as well as kidney reconstructive purposes and lymph node sampling.

Incontinence procedures including male and female urethral suspension “sling” procedures, male artificial urethral sphincter placement, and medical management of irritable bladder.

Female urology involving pelvic floor prolapse with single or multiple organ involvement.

Male infertility and impotence including education and evaluation as well as medical and surgical treatment options.

Kidney stone evaluation and treatment options including medical management, extra-corporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL), ureteroscopy with laser therapy, and a percutaneous approach for more complex cases.

Vasectomy options such as no-scalpel techniques and reversals.

Office procedures include ultrasounds of the kidney, scrotum or testicles, prostate size, prostate biopsies, cystoscopy, circumcisions, vasectomies, bladder biopsies, and complex urodynamics. These procedures are performed in our state-of-the-art office procedure rooms.

Dr. David Champ Weeks is a premier provider of advanced urologic healthcare and offers a distinctive patient experience in Gulfport, MS and along the entire Gulf Coast. Dr. Weeks offers the traditional surgical techniques as well as many minimally invasive procedures. He is a local pioneer of the robotic technology now offered by being one of most experienced surgeons performing this ground breaking procedure in the southeast region, including the daVinci robotic prostatectomy for treatment of prostate cancer.

He is one the first robotic surgeons to have perform the daVinci robotic cystectomy (removal of the bladder for invasive cancer). Dr. Weeks uses robotic techniques and applications to perform kidney sparing surgery for cancer as well as reconstruction to the kidney due to obstruction. Same day surgical procedures for kidney stones, male and female urinary incontinence, male impotence, bladder tumors, testicular cancer and prostate enlargement are available as well as many state-of-the art office procedures.